Psych News

Thanks for checking out Psych News. We are the official semesterly newsletter of the Psych Collective. As such, we aim to educate Hunter’s community in all things psychology. Psych News provides a platform for student writers to help with that education; we give voice to student and faculty research, and whatever else student writers are interested in—the brain, mental health, social cognition; you name it!

This semester, we are reintroducing the newsletter to Hunter after a few years of inactivity. We are very excited to do so. For the first time ever, we will also host a blog on the website, which we will update periodically.

To participate, please reach out to us at or, better yet, ask a question in our Discord channel (#psychnews) so that all can learn from the exchange. If you haven’t joined the Psych Collective’s Discord server, please e-mail us for the link.

For detailed answers to a list of frequently asked questions, please check out our FAQ tab.

If you haven’t yet checked out our flyers calling for submissions and editors, check them out below. We include additional information of interest there, such as why to get involved (writers can acquire an additional listing on their resume and both writers and editors can boast of their work on resumes and applications!)