Psych Club Calendar

The Psychology club usually meets about twice a month and holds meetings geared towards providing students with information about careers in psychology, information about research, and information about the major/coursework. More often then not, we are fortunate enough to have guest speakers from various fields come in and speak about their  work and expertise/offer advice and insight to our students. In the past, we have had Hunter faculty, therapists, and psychological novelists come in to speak. Likewise, we also hold student-led meetings and encourage our members to lead a meeting on any topic of their interest. If you would like to lead a meeting (with our help of course), just send us an email! We do our best to offer opportunities for our students to gain insight, network, and enjoy what the psychological community has to offer.

Below is the list of meetings dates for the Psychology Club during the Spring 2018 Semester:


2/26/18: 4-6pm in Thomas Hunter Hall Room 318 – Psychology Club and NAMI Joint Meeting – Game Day!

3/12/18: 4-6pm in Thomas Hunter Hall Room 318 – Psychology of SUPERHEROES Are Tony Stark and Wade Wilson narcissists? Are Bruce Banner and Peter Parker suffering from PTSD? Come discuss what’s possibly going on in the minds of our favorite characters!

3/26/18: 4-6pm in Thomas Hunter Hall Room 318 – Speaker Event: Nicole Graham, PhD student at John Jay, studying forensic psychology!