Interested in Writing for Psych News?

To Potential Writers,

Thank you for your interest in Psychology News! We are happy to provide you with some more information about our Psychology Newsletter. The way the process works is that we will have about 3 deadlines throughout the semester, which help develop an APA-style research article to be published in a newsletter. You can also stop by Thomas Hunter 318 to pick up a hard copy of previous publications.

The 3 deadlines look like the following:

1) A first submission of a topic and 3 sources (cited, accredited sources) which you are going to use for writing your research article.

2) The second deadline will be a first draft, followed by a second draft, and lastly a final draft. Each writer will be assigned an editor who will help, what more, to edit your piece, to make sure that APA-style is being followed and that the article is grammatically & overall in tact. We will respond as quickly and promptly as possible with corrections, comments, or concerns, but we also expect a professional and timely response.

3) The final article will be published in our newsletter and celebrated at our end of year Publication Party, which of course writers are invited to take part in.

Seem like a tenuous process, but everything moves quite quick, so you must try to stay on top of deadlines! If you are concerned choosing a topic or the writing process, feel free to email us at and we will clear anything up.

Best of luck,

Your Editors