Psych Club

Welcome to the Psychology Club!  This is our fourteenth year of cultivating the experience and appreciation of psychology for all students at Hunter College through an assortment of social and educational activities.  We work as a supplement to the programs the Hunter College Psychology Department provides to prepare students for applying to and gaining entry to graduate programs like the masters in social work, the doctorate of psychology, and the doctorate of philosophy in psychology.  We feel it is important to provide connections between students, researchers, and clinicians.  We also work to educate people outside the psychology community on issues that affect many of them, like sex, stress, and money troubles, as well as providing special topic seminars for those advanced in the field of psychology.  Overall, the Psychology Club strives to cultivate and spread knowledge in the field of psychology throughout our community.

Club Mission

The purpose of the Psych Club is to encourage and stimulate psychological endeavors for its members and to aid the advancement and knowledge of psychology in all its specializations. The Psych Club is also dedicated to improving the overall well-being of its members and the Hunter College community through events such as the Annual Hunter College Psychology Convention, organized in conjunction with the Hunter College Chapter of Psi Chi (the National Honor Society in Psychology) and Psych News.

We organize seminars, discussions, student-faculty socials, movie nights, and field trips with Psi Chi under the name of the Psychology Collective.  Past field trips have included a tour of the Albert Ellis Institute and future trips include going to the UN to discuss cultural psychology and attending the Eastern Psychological Association Conference.  More than anything, we work to create a place to learn, to grow, and to have fun!


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