Psych Collective

“The Psychology Collective” is a collaboration between the three psychology-related student organizations at Hunter College: The Psychology Club, The Hunter Chapter of Psi Chi – The International Honor Society in Psychology, and Psych News, the Official Publication of The Psychology Collective, a semesterly newsletter.

The purpose of The Psychology Collective is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship for its members, especially in the field of psychology, and to aid the advancement and knowledge of psychology in all its specializations. It is also dedicated to improving the overall well-being of its members and the Hunter College community through social events and various seminars, workshops, and field trips, culminating in the Annual Hunter College Psychology Convention every spring.

The Psychology Collective welcomes students from all disciplines and backgrounds who are interested in psychological issues. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Psychology Club, check out our online form. For information on the Psi Chi membership requirements and Psych News submission guidelines, please visit their respective areas of the site.

Information on meetings and upcoming events can be found posted on The Psychology Collective bulletin board located immediately outside the Psychology Department office (611 HN). Additionally, email us at for information, or you can join our Facebook group or follow us on Instagram or Twitter to receive event invites and news.

In addition to the content on this website, the Officers of Psi Chi and the Psychology club have prepared a handbook for current and prospective Hunter Psychology majors. We highly recommend that everyone, from recently declared freshman to soon-to-graduate senior, take a look. Click here to download the Hunter College Handbook for Psychology Majors


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